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Participatory workshops where designs are created through the collective efforts of all those involved.


Works made through participation.

The projects that have used co-creative approaches have produced works that remain as evidence of each activity. What makes this work co-created rather than simply participatory is that although a structure is given, and guidance provided, the participants are not told exactly what they must do. If their contribution is messy, tasteless, or profane then so be it, the artwork can go any direction, cultural authority is not imposed, the participants are rewarded with individual autonomy. The works produced from these projects are co-created by those who took part and the artist leading the session. They are also a collaboration with Gleneden and the unknown author of the original design. Using this approach, design is taken in new and interesting directions leading to outcomes that cannot be predicted at the start of each workshop session.

Fifteen Minute Photoshop Drawing 

The Long Arm of the Draw 

Archive Attack 

Planned Random and Reasoned Serendipity